Indigofera howellii 'Reginald Cory' A very rare shrub with pink spikes of pea-like flowers from early June to November. Native of China. In glorious flower now in the garden. 

Indigofera howellii Reginald Cory web

A Taste of Honey this summer

Local beekeeper Lynne Dougall has set up a number of bee hives here at Marwood Hill Gardens and the first crop of this year's honey is now in stock in our gift shop.

HoneyMarwood Honey

PRICES from our Tea Room Gift Shop:

  • 250gms jar    (£5.50)
  • 454gms jar    (£8.00)


With the hydrangeas in full bloom and the astilbes a riot of colour, now is an ideal time to visit the gardens.

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Another showstoppers is

Clethra monostachya  Clethra monostachya


Plant offers currently available in our nursery

To celebrate the start of the summer holidays we have two special offers in our Plant Nursery:


Elizabeth   All astilbes are £8.00 per plant OR buy 3 for £20.00

All plants

Dianthus    Buy 5 plants and get the cheapest one FREE

When you are walking along the north side of the Bottom Lake, look out for the burnt sugar fragrance from the stately Cercidiphyllum japonicum pendulumin.

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Now is the time to come and see the National Collection of astilbes here at Marwood. Don't miss our offer in the Plant Nursery where our astibles are for sale at £8 each or buy 3 for £20.00

 July 12th 2019 , Update on the astilbe flowering...

Astilbe 6

On Wednesday 26th June we had an evening walk around the garden for our current season ticket holders. Macolm Pharoah led the garden tour, providing us with updates of new plantings and rare and unusual plants. This year, we were also lucky enough to have John and Libby Snowdon, the owners of Marwood Hill Garden join us on the walk, together with our gardeners. It was a beautiful summer evening, rounded off with tea and cakes!

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Why not join us for the next walk on October 2nd at 5:30pm


Plans are underway at Marwood Hill Garden to create an area to encourage butterflies. The ground is currently being prepared, with some annual planting underway and further planting planned for September. 

Unusual, colourful, spectacular - watch out for these on your visit this month.

Not so flaming June has arrived, after a lovely start to the year. However, some of the larger shrubs and trees are now coming into their own - look out especially for the unusual Hankerchief tree, with its hankie-like flowers.

Our cornus kousa are looking the best we can remember this year. Their bracts will stay for a few weeks yet - make sure you come and see them.

The gardens here change daily, especially at this time of year. Don't miss the candelabra primulas in the bog garden